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  • Making Pizzas

    Published 08/07/19

    Making pizzas!

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  • Weald Readers

    Published 01/07/19

    Thank you so  much to The Weald students, who created books for our KS1 children and came in to read them.

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  • District sports

    Published 28/06/19

    Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 represented our school brilliantly at District sports. Gaining a 2nd and a 1st overall!

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  • Skip 2B Fit

    Published 17/06/19

    Skip 2B Fit

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  • School Council's Visit to Parliament

    Published 10/06/19

    The school council had a great day visiting the houses of parliament, finding out all about The Journey to Democracy.

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  • Year 3 Bike Week

    Published 07/06/19

    Year 3 Bike Week

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  • Cricket Fun Day

    Published 07/06/19

    Cricket Fun Day

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  • Summer Festival 2019

    Published 24/05/19

    Summer Festival 2019

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  • Year 2 Multi-Skills at The Weald

    Published 03/05/19

    Year 2 Multi-Skills at The Weald

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  • Sea City Museum

    Published 22/03/19

    Years 5 and 6 had an amazing day at the Sea City museum in Southampton - learning even more about the history of The Titanic (which we wouldn't thought was possible)!

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  • Comic Relief Cake Raffle

    Published 15/03/19

    Well done Arthur for winning the wonderful Comic Relief cake raffle today!

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