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Year 5 (Investigators)

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Year 5

Bonjour, hola, ciao, hello and welcome to the best class in the world (AKA Year 5 – Investigators)

Our lovely teachers, Miss Croucher, Mrs Jones and Mrs Crook care and help us along our amazing journey – what more could you ask for?  We don’t have a little bit of fun, WE HAVE A VAST LOAD OF FUN!  We have so much more to tell you – come with us!

Our learning is amazing – instead of just learning we push ourselves to the limit and we have lots of fun by using our initiative.  We love learning about everything!  Our class are very mature and sensible. We all love to learn and have a MASSIVE amount of fun along the way.  We all spend lots of time together and are really good friends.

In our class we have a wonderful book club!  Miss C LOVES books and so do we!  This is where we take our shoes off, make dens in the classroom, all read our favourite books by torchlight and make recommendations to each other. It is awesome and we all LOVE it!

In Year 5 we have some responsible duties like looking after the Reception children (our Buddies), Junior Road Safety Officers and being leaders of playtime equipment.

Our class has an unusual mascot…… he’s called Brian!  He is a plastic fried egg who lives on our whiteboard and watches us work.  Also we have Alan (Miss C’s pet tortoise) – he visits us sometimes and he is brilliant at his job as an extra class assistant.

As you probably know by now this class is very exciting and there is never a boring day!  Come and enjoy!

Written by us all

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