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As the headteacher, of course I am going to tell you that this school is amazing! We are a very welcoming and friendly team with brilliant children, who are keen to tell you and even show you what they are learning. Come and see for yourself.

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  • June 19th 2015

    Dear Children and Parents of Wisborough Green Primary School

    Thank you so much!  I thoroughly enjoyed the Leavers' Day!  Well done to Year 6, your show was fabulous, hilarious and very accurate about all of your crazy teachers!  I loved receiving a flower from all of you and the vases are just beautiful.  You are such talented children and wonderful dancers!   I will treasure every single moment of the day.

    It has been amazing being the headteacher of Wisborough Green Primary School.  I will miss you all so much.  

    I hope that all of our lovely Year 6 children have a fantastic start to the next phase of their education. I'm sure they will look back with fondness at their time at Wisborough Green Primary School.  I wish them every success in the future!

    Keep being brilliant, funny and, most importantly, keep being kind to each other.  I will look forward to hearing great things about you all!

    Lots of love

    Mrs Emberson x




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