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Summer term week 6

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Week 6 - Thursday update

Hello Year 5, hope you're all well.

Just an update from me to remind you about the project we've started this week. I'm looking forward to hearing who's in which group and what product/service you're going to create. I have PPA time today and then I'll be in school tomorrow, but I'll try and check my emails both days to hear from you about the start of your Fiver Challenge project.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Mrs Jones

Week 6 

Hi year 5, I hope you have all had a lovely half term and had lots of fun with your family. I’m missing you all and would love to see all your smiley faces.  

This week is going to be a little different as school is now open. I will now be in school working and will have a bubble of children to teach each day. We call them a bubble as children are only allowed to be in groups of 15 and those groups must stay completely separate. Mrs Jones has uploaded a timetable for the week which is staying the same format as before.  I have uploaded the start of your project for this week. We have decided because we are not able to do the fiver challenge in school this year, we will do it from home. I have included all the information you will need on Dragons Den Year 5. I have also registered to the home fiver challenge so we can still enter the competitions, virtually of course! You will find the project and the timetable in the Summer Learning folder. 

Ideally, you'll do this project in a group, which I know is a little tricky because you can't see people, although you could email, use yammer or call. We have set up a yammer page for year 5, I have put the link below, let me know if you have any problems accessing it.  Can you all try and access this in the next two day so I can sort any problems on Wednesday. 

Now that I am back working in school, I won’t be available through the day as I will be teaching. I will have PPA on a Wednesday morning, so I will respond to your work and different things then. I am also going to upload a video on the yammer page at the beginning of the week so take a look.  Mrs Jones will put a video on towards the end of the week so you get to see us both. Make sure you work hard to meet the deadline that has been set for the project and then new deadlines will be introduced as the week/weeks go on.  


Looking forward to hearing from you all this week. - Yammer's%20Den%20year%205.docx&action=default&mobileredirect=true  Dragons’ Den project - Timetable

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