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Geography at Wisborough Green 


We believe that children can develop their geographical skills using the immediate environment to its advantage, through local studies of both the school environment and the village.Therefore fostering an interest in the world that they live, starting from the children's own knowledge and interests, through real-life experiences.

We develop curiosity of the wider world by comparing and contrasting our own locality with those further away. Enabling the children to understand the world and cultures beyond Wisborough Green in our ever changing diverse planet. Using the virtual world to bring the wider world to the classroom.

Our curriculum concentrates on the understanding of the human and physical changes in our world and how these could possibly impact on their lives in both positive and negative ways. Which results in preparing our children to make changes for the future and to secure the world in which they live.

Each child studies 3 units of geography in each phase:-

KS1 -Extreme Survival - Arctic regions, Far Away and Long Ago - Continents and oceans and Wild Wisborough - local study and field skills.

LKS2 - Extreme Survival - Mountains, Far Away and Long ago -Coasts and rivers, Wild Wisborough - local study and field skills.

UKS2 - Extreme Survival - Americas, Far Away and Long Ago - Europe, Wild Wisborough - local study and field skills.

Please see the links below to see the geography work that the children have done.

Local study survey

Map work

Local area study

Environmental study

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