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Wisborough Green Primary School Governing Body 2021-2022

The Governing Body is drawn from the staff of the school, the Local Education Authority, parents and the wider community that our school serves.

If you wish to contract the Governors please email:

Governing Body Attendance 2021/2022:

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Attendance 20/21 Interests
Simon Butcher Collier 28/03/2022 4 Years 3/3 Immediate family member employed at the school.
Victoria Sheasby 14/09/2021 4 Years 3/3 None Declared
John Somner 28/03/2021 4 Years 1/3 None Declared
Sam Thomson 13/07/2021 4 Years 3/3 None Declared
James Cooke 26/03/2019 4 Years 3/3 None Declared
Elaine Duarte 15/12/2020 4 Years 3/3 None Declared
Sada Ray 24/09/2019 4 Years 3/3 None Declared
Caroline Bennett 03/09/2020 4 Years 3/3 Immediate family member employed at the school.
Lucy Bates 09/07/2020 4 Years 3/3 None Declared
Vanda Miller 14/09/2021 Resigned 11/01/2022 1/3 None Declared

Governing Body Attendance 2020/2021:

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Attendance 20/21 Interests
Mr Butcher Collier 28/03/2018 4 Years 5/6 None Declared
Mrs Sheasby 21/11/2017 4 Years 6/6 None Declared
Mr Somner 28/03/2021 4 Years 5/6 None Declared
Mr Thomson 13/07/2021 4 Years 5/6 None Declared
Mr Cooke 26/03/2019 4 Years 6/6 None Declared
Mrs Duarte 15/12/2020 4 Years 6/6 None Declared
Miss Ray 24/09/2019 4 Years 6/6 None Declared
Mrs Bennett 03/09/2020 4 Years 6/6 None Declared
Mrs Bates 09/07/2020 4 Years 6/6 None Declared
Mrs Rollinson 28/01/2020 Resigned 16/03/2021 4/6 None Declared
Mr Hayward 24/09/2019 Resigned 13/07/2021 6/6 None Declared

Meet the Governing Body:

Mr Butcher Collier, Co-opted Governor
Chair of Governors

Simon is a father of four and has been a part of the school community for a number of years. He has been chair of the PTA and loves a school trip - even the year 6 residential, where you'll find him at the top of a high rope! Simon is keen to support the school in achieving their aims for the future.


Mr Cooke, Parent Governor
Vice Chair

James is served as an aviator in the RAF and has flown Tornado aircraft around the globe. He is looking forward using many of the skills he has learned during a diverse military career as a governor. James has 2 daughters at the school and is a passionate advocate of the school and the community of Wisborough Green. Keen to contribute to school life, James also takes a keen interest in school strategic planning, particularly how the school will grow and evolve to develop the children to be the best they can be. James is always keen to hear parent feedback on any aspect of school life that can be raised with the wider Governing body. James loves to run, road cycle and is an accomplished handyman!

Mrs Sheasby, Local Authority Governor 

Victoria is a freelance communications professional, specialising in speechwriting and business writing for large companies. She has been a freelance since she and her family moved from London to West Sussex when her oldest daughter started school at Wisborough Green in 2012. Victoria became a parent governor in 2014 because she was keen to be involved in and contribute to the school’s development. Victoria loves to cook, play tennis and read.

Mr Somner, Community Governor

John has been a co-opted governor at the school since 2017 focusing on the finances and is happy to discuss any questions relating to this. John has two children at the school with a third starting soon. Outside of school he is chair an international logistics company both here in the UK and in the US resulting in a lot of travel. In his spare time he enjoys cycling with the children, pottering around the garden and fly-fishing.

Mr Thomson, Co-opted Governor

Sam is a father of two and has lived in the village for over seven years and has one child at the school and another close on their heels. He is enthusiastic about supporting the school in its ambitions to continually evolve and to help all children grow and achieve their full potential throughout their early years education. He likes to run, cycle or swim when he gets the chance and is always happy to have a chat about any questions or concerns if needed. 


Mrs Duarte, Community Governor

When Elaine retired from working as Deputy Head teacher in a 2 form entry primary school in Crawley. Elaine wanted to keep some contact with the world of Education and especially with children, so becoming a school governor was what suited her best. Elaine has an MA in Education, the NPQH and experience of being a governor in other schools. 

Elaine has lives in Billingshurst and enjoys working in her small garden as well as learning about various subjects through online courses. Other pastimes include music, painting and yoga and she speaks Spanish, French and elementary Italian. Elaine's aim is to foster children's creativity in the arts as well as academic fields.

Miss Ray, Community Governor

Sada has been a community governor at the school since 2019, with a special interest in pastoral care and well-being of both staff and pupils.  She was an active member of the PTA when her daughter attended the school and missed it so much she came back as a governor!  After a long career in theatre as a stage manager and theatrical agent, she moved to the village five years ago to help her husband run a hot-air balloon company.  Sada also helps to run the annual Wisborough Green Charity Hot Air Balloon Festival.  She loves to read, is a keen forager and organises supper clubs in her spare time. 

Mrs Miller, Co-opted Governor

Vanda is a former parent at the school and, as a passionate supporter of education, joined the PTA as secretary and continued to actively serve in that role until she left in 2016, always putting what was best for the children at the heart of all decision making. Before moving to Wisborough Green she had built a long career working for first ITV and then BBC Television as Head of Communications, working at divisional board level and managing a team of more than 100 and a budget of over £1million. She is also a Trustee and Secretary of the Renegades Youth Club, a local charity which offers fun, creative and exciting activities to rurally isolated children aged 10-18. She has a particular interest in the welfare of adopted and fostered children and helped set up a support group for adoptive parents while a parent at the school.

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