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Through our history curriculum, we teach our children to become historians through an understanding of chronology, historical terms and historical enquiry.

Key historical skills that underpin our teaching through different topics are:-

  • Chronology
  • Understanding of historical terms and vocabulary
  • Asking and answering questions about the past
  • Similarities and differences between different periods
  • Historical sources and different ways in which the past is represented
  • Cause and effect

Each child studies at least 3 units of history in each phase:-

KS1 -Time Riders - Space explorers from the past, Extreme Survival - Shackleton's expedition, Wild Wisborough - Local history and Listen to Us - Changes in living memory.

LKS2 - Time Riders - Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age, Big Blue - Ancient EgyptFar Away and Long Ago -The Roman Empire, Listen to Us - Local history.

UKS2 - Time Riders - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Big Blue - The Industrial Revolution, Far Away and Long Ago - Ancient Greece, Listen to Us - A non-European early civilization.

See below galleries, where children have taken part in different historical activities to support their learning.

Anglo Saxon day

Archaeological dig

Historical visit


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