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Home Learning Introduction 

Hello Year 3 and welcome to our home learning page!  

I hope you are all well and ready for some distance learning! 

Here you will be able to find daily learning activities for you to carry out at home. These activities can either be completed on the OneDrive or in the home learning books provided to you.

Each week, I will suggest learning activities for you to carry out. Remember that you can also work on some of the activities that were given to you in your home learning packs.  

It would be useful to make a timetable for the week so that you have a routine for your learning at home. Remember that we have recommended 3 X 45 minute sessions. This will include some maths, English and other fun and creative activities. Feel free to also use this time to learn about things of your own choice. I have already had some fantastic independent learning projects sent to me. Keep this up! 

Please remember to keep sharing your amazing learning with me. You can send/share documents or photos via email or on the OneDrive, just like we have been practicing at school. I would love to see what you are up to and I will sometimes be able to give you advice to help you make your work the best it can be! 

Don’t forget that Joe Wicks will be doing a daily morning workout routine at 9am. I shall be taking part in this too! 

Audible are also sharing hundreds of children's stories for free. You might want to listen to these before bed. Follow this link to listen to these audiobooks:

I will also still be looking out for our ‘Maths Champion of the Week’, ‘Rate my Plate’ and any nominations for ‘Friendship Friday’. So, don’t forget to share what you’re up to and remember to send in nominations! 

On a final note, please remember that I will still be here if you need any help or have any worries. I am only an email away! 

Have fun! 

Miss Hayhoe   

Summer 2 


Week 1

Hello wonderful Year 3!

I hope you have all had a fantastic half term break. I would love to hear what you have been up to!

This week we will be finishing our scientific plants project. I am looking forward to seeing what you have been learning about. I hope you have found some of the experiments fun and interesting!

I have also attached a timetable with some activities which you may wish to complete this week. Please remember to share your brilliant learning! 

See if you can find some time to take a look at the home learning gallery on the Year 3 page. It might help to inspire you or give you different ideas of things you can be doing from home. 

Don't forget to email me at any point if you have any worries. I will do my best to help!

Best wishes

Miss Hayhoe x

Summer 2

Week 2

Hello again Year 3, 

I would like to begin by saying a huge thank you to those who shared parts of their plant projects with me last week. It was great to see so many of you learning lots through the different experiments. There were also some wonderful plant guides, identification charts and paintings created too. Well done for your tremendous effort! It's not too late if others would like to share their fabulous learning too. 

Over the next two weeks, I would like you all to work on your own art projects. As we all enjoy art, I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get involved in the home learning project. I am going to give you full choice of what you would like to do for your own project. You may be inspired by a particular theme of your choice, an artist you have researched, or maybe there is a particular artistic skill that you would like to develop.

You may choose to create one piece that you spend the next two weeks working on, or you might decide to create a collection of art that you have produced. You can either share photos of your art via email or you might like to share it with everyone on our class Yammer page. I can’t wait to see your creations!

Please take a look at the documents below for more information on this weeks home learning. We will also be focussing on measuring and comparing mass for our maths focus this week. Please let me know how you get on with this.

I hope you all have a fantastic art-filled week!

Best wishes

Miss Hayhoe 💕

Summer 2

Week 2

Hello Year 3, 

I hope you have all had a fun weekend in the sun. 

This week, we are going to continue working on our art. I have already heard about some of your projects and they all sound very exciting! Remember to please share your art project with me as I would love to see all of your beautiful work. You can also post your artwork on the class Yammer page if you would like to share your efforts with the rest of the class.  

We will also continue to work on maths and English activities this week. We will be focussing on volume and capacity for maths. Please let me know if you have any worries or need some help with this. 

I will look forward to seeing all of your fabulous art. Have fun!

Best wishes, 

Miss Hayhoe x

Summer 2

Week 3

Hello Year 3, 

It was great talking to so many of you over the phone last week. I am so incredibly proud of how hard you have all been working on your home learning. I understand that it's now getting trickier to keep up with some of the tasks. Remember we only have a few weeks to go so just try and do whatever learning that you can. It is okay to just focus on reading and doodle maths if you are struggling with all the other activities. 

This week, I have set a week-long project for you to carry out about inspirational people if you would like to take part. Please share your fabulous learning on Yammer if you can. 

I will also try calling the rest of you this week. I'm looking forward to a friendly chat with you all!

Best wishes, 

Miss Hayhoe x

Summer 2 

Week 4

Good morning Year 3, 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Only three weeks until the summer holidays now, so let's see who can try their best to keep up the excellent home learning.

This week, we are going to largely focus on a piece on independent writing for your new class teacher to see. We would usually call this our 'Purple Write' in school. You will find out more information about this in the 'Independent Writing Project' document attached. 

Remember, the main thing about this piece of writing is to try you own best and make sure that you are writing independently. That means without adult help. This will then allow us to look at your strengths and work out what we need to do to help you get even better with your writing. Please email me if you have any worries or questions about this project. I will do my best to help!

You will also see on the timetable that there are maths activities to work through too. It would be great if you can still find some time for these, however the main priority for this week is to make sure that you have completed you best independent piece of writing. 

I really can't wait to read all of your independent writing!

Best wishes, 

Miss Hayhoe 💕

Summer 2

Week 5

Hi Year 3,

I would like to begin by saying a huge well done to all of you who have managed to complete your fabulous independent writing projects last week. I know it's trickier to get it done at home but I am very pleased that so many of you have persevered. 

As we are still awaiting many independent writing projects, I have decided to give some more time this week for these to be completed. Remember, this writing is really important because it will help us to set you new personalised writing targets for next year so please try to find the time to complete them this week if you can. 

For those of you who have completed the writing task, you can begin enjoying our new language project. Please take a look at the 'Languages Project' document for more information. 

Also, for maths this week, I thought it would be useful to recap some of the maths that has been covered previously this year. It's important to revisit different areas of maths to see if we can still remember how to solve different types of maths problems. You will find a couple of maths booklets to work through at your own pace. Don't worry if you can't answer everything, just try your best! 

Please let me know if you are finding these activities too tricky. I can send you an different activity booklet to work through instead if that is the case. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help. I am only an email away!

Best wishes, 

Miss Hayhoe x

Summer 2

Week 6

Hello Year 3, 

We've nearly made it! Only one week of home schooling left to go!

I am so incredibly proud of each and everyone of you for trying your own best during the last few months. I know it has been really tricky but you have all been superstars!

This week, there are some maths and English activities for you to try if you still have the motivation to keep going for one more week. Please don't worry too much though if you are finding it really difficult now. After all, if we were in school right now, we would be having our usual end of year celebrations. 

The project for this week is your own choice. Many of you have asked if we could do projects on different themes of your choice. Now is your chance if you wish to do so. It could be anything at all! Here are a few project ideas:

- favourite book

- art project

- favourite memories in Year 3

- a history topic of your choosing

- research about your favourite animal

- a song or dance routine

The choices are endless! I just want you to have fun with this and feel free to share what you have been up to via Yammer or email. 

Make sure that you also look out for my farewell video on Yammer this week. I hope you all have an amazing last week of home learning.

Missing you all lots!

Best wishes,

Miss Hayhoe x


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