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Children are growing up in a different way to us, needing to navigate environments and risks in both the real and the online world. At Wisborough Green School, we strongly believe in the importance of the values underpinning the PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) and RHSE (Relationship, Health and Sex Education) curriculum. We aim to empower our children and encourage them to ask questions that will help them develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they will need to help keep themselves healthy and safe, as well as preparing them for life and work. 

Our enriched PSHCE curriculum goes beyond the minimum requirements set out by the Department for Education and PSHE Association. We use the Education 4 Safeguarding (E4S) curriculum building tool to ensure that we are taking a holistic approach to our provision through a needs-based curriculum.  

Every two years, we will audit our PSHCE and RHSE curriculum to make sure that our curriculum adapts to the evolving needs of our students. A consultation process will take place with the children, parents and teachers to gain further insight into the children's developing needs. 

The children will cover all areas in each key stage at an appropriate age-level. Please take a look at the learning objectives which will be covered in each key stage. You will find this in the progression grids below.  

These objectives will be taught through weekly PSHCE lessons. Some aspects of this curriculum will also be taught in computing or science lessons when appropriate. Whole school and key stage assemblies will also further reinforce the the values taught in our PSHCE lessons. 

What Is Mindfulness? - Headspace

As well as following the PSHCE adn RSHE curriculum, we also encourage our pupils to engage with mindfulness practice and techniques both formally and informally. Mindfulness is the ability to become present in the moment. Much research suggests that there can be many personal benefits for those who engage with this practice. Benefits can include: 

  • Increased focus 

  • Increased resilience 

  • Reduced stress 

  • Reduced sadness 

  • Improved mood 

  • Increased self-esteem 

  • Reduced worries

  • Improved social and communication skills 

At Wisborough Green School, we will spend a whole half term taking part in focused six-week mindfulness courses, where the children will be encouraged to reflect upon their experiences and consider the impact that mindful practice can have upon their lives. The children will also have regular opportunities to engage in mindfulness meditations using guided meditations from Headspace or other mindfulness meditation scripts. 




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