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Working positively to protect young people from radicalisation.

You may have heard about the Prevent programme which aims to prevent young people from being radicalised by, for example, far right extremists or religious extremists. In school we have a duty to care for the children and take note of any child who is at risk of radicalisation, regardless of their background.

We also have to take steps to help prevent children being exposed to extremist ideas. Our overriding concern is that children feel safe and also express tolerance towards all cultures and religions, even when personal views may be different. We approach this in a number of very tangible ways.

For example:

  • We give very high priority to building relationships with children. Staff members know the children well and are trained to note any subtle changes in behaviour or attitude. Our safeguarding procedures are under constant review.
  • We work hard to build the Wisborough Green School community and give all children a sense of belonging and responsibility. Examples include our School Council, Learning Council, Positive Play Leaders, School Ambassadors, Eco- Warriors, Library Monitors, Technicians, Year 5 Buddies and Sports Captains.
  • We promote the importance of participation in community events; the Year 5 and 6 children took part in the fiver challenge.  The Year 6 children carried out market research at the village market and then designed and produced products to sell. 
  • Our Eco-Warriors developed links with the local Horticultural Society to help set up out garden. Covers Building Merchants sponsored the materials for our eco friendly greenhouse - made from plastic bottles. There are many activities throughout the year to help children make a positive contribution.
  • We have supported a variety of different charities including: Children in Need, Jeans for Genes, Chestnut Tree House and Magic Carpet. The children lead awareness raising activities for parents and the school.
  • Celebration assemblies allow children to share their individual talents and feel supported and respected. We organise regular performances throughout the year so that all children make their contribution.
  • Our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural curriculum (SMSC) provides opportunities for children to explore feelings and opinions in a safe environment. We use this curriculum to help challenge attitudes such as racism or homophobia. We also talk about our democratic process; our School Council, Learning Council and Eco- Warrior elections also demonstrate democracy in a practical way. Our ‘Democracy Day’ helps the children to develop a greater understanding about democratic procedures in our society.
  • Our e-safety teaching shows children how to stay safe on the internet and we regularly update this. We have worked with the community police to help children gain a better understand about the potential dangers of unsupervised internet access. We take part in the annual National Internet Safety Day, promoting internet safety to both pupils and their families. Prevent Duty - Working positively to protect young people from radicalisation.
  • Throughout the curriculum and in assemblies we focus on British values, especially the importance of respect, and acceptance of people from different backgrounds. We promote a pride in being British.  
  • Our European Day of Languages give children the opportunity to explore different cultures and traditions across Europe.  
  • Through the curriculum we consider the impact of war and promote peaceful values through our history and RE topics. Through all our teaching we aim to challenge prejudice and discrimination but we also take every opportunity to celebrate our diversity. For example, our whole school Global Connections Day provided an opportunity to find out about different cultures and family origins across the world. A visit from a Headteacher in Pakistan allowed the children to make global connections and supported their understanding of the similarities and differences we have with other cultures.
  • We regularly consider topical issues and address these in a way which is age appropriate. In our Harvest celebration, we consider topical and relevant current issues. For example:- the refugee crisis, homelessness and poverty in the locality.
  • We work closely with families and encourage participation in school life, through attendance at events and parent workshops. We support children and parents who are new to the community, to help their speedy integration into the school.
  • We work very closely with other agencies such as Social Care and the police; if we felt a child is in danger of radicalisation, we act quickly according to our policy.

Finally, we rely on parents to provide any relevant information about safeguarding. If you have any reason to worry that a child you know is in danger of being exposed to extremist views, then please tell us in confidence. If you don’t want to speak to a member of school staff then you can ring the police on 101. Your call will be handled confidentially.

If you want to know more about the Prevent Strategy then our safeguarding leads:- Mrs Bennett, Miss Greenway or Miss Jeal who will be happy to speak to you.

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