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Respect, Positivity, unity, empathy, honesty, creativity and perseverance


All members of the school community (teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, pupils and governors) work towards Wisborough Green Primary School's Aims by:

  • Valuing children as individuals and respecting their rights and beliefs
  • Fostering and promoting good relationships and a sense of belonging and respect for the school community
  • Providing a well ordered environment in which all are fully aware of behavioural expectations
  • Offering equal opportunities in all aspects of school life and recognising the importance of different cultures
  • Encouraging, praising and positively reinforcing good relationships, behaviour and attitudes to learning
  • Working as a team, supporting and encouraging one another.

Teachers work towards the School’s aims by:

  • Providing a challenging and stimulating Programme of Study designed to enable all children to reach the highest standards of personal achievement
  • Recognising and being constantly aware of the needs of each individual child according to ability and aptitude
  • Ensuring that learning is progressive, continuous and challenging
  • Being good role models; punctual, well prepared and organised
  • Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of current Teaching and Learning practice
  • Having a positive attitude to change and the development of their own expertise
  • Establishing links with the local community, including industry, to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • Working collaboratively with a shared philosophy and practice
  • Fostering in every child a lifelong love of learning.

Pupils work toward the School’s aims by:

  • Taking growing responsibility for their own learning, developing resilience and confidence to tackle new challenges
  • Attending school in good health maintained by adequate diet, exercise and sleep
  • Attending school regularly
  • Being punctual and ready to begin lessons on time
  • Being organised; for example, bringing necessary kit, taking letters home promptly, returning reading books regularly
  • Conducting themselves in an orderly manner in line with the expected code of discipline
  • Looking after their own belongings
  • Respecting the school environment, ensuring that school is kept tidy and organised.

Parents work toward the School’s aims by:

  • Modelling and promoting a positive and supportive attitude towards school 
  • Ensuring that children attend school in good health, regularly and punctually
  • Supporting the school’s decisions regarding discipline
  • Being realistic about their child’s ability and supporting him or her to develop a positive attitude to learning
  • Participating in discussions concerning their child’s progress and attainment
  • Ensuring early contact with school to discuss matters which affect their child’s happiness, progress and behaviour
  • Giving due importance, time and space to homework, facilitating reading, and assisting in learning of tables and spellings
  • Encouraging their child to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and belongings as they progress throughout the school.
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