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Year 6: Cherry 



Mexican Art

As part of their Mexico topic, Year 6 created traditional Mexican tiles on canvas. They used clay to add 3D elements to their designs and then painted them with bold, bright colours.

They also learnt about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and created their own portraits of her.

Mexican Cooking

Year 6 worked on their cooking skills by learning different types of cutting techniques. They learnt how to use the claw grip and the bridge to ensure they were able to keep themselves safe whilst using knives. The children made some delicious Mexican inspired dishes, including salsa and guacamole.

Mexico Day

Year 6 had a fantastic time celebrating all their hard work during their Mexico topic by holding a Mexican Fiesta. The children tried the Mexican dishes that they prepared, performed their version of El Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican Hat Dance) and shared their fantastic art work.

Science Week

This term each class took part in Science Week, focussing on a range of skills to help them 'be a scientist'. These included:

  • Observing 
  • Identifying and discussing patterns 
  • Grouping, identifying and classifying 
  • Research and presenting.

We have also made a video of some of the scientific activities that took place outdoors at Forest School. Please check out the Forest School tab to see more.

Science week began with a visit from Miss Jeal’s budgies, Buzz and Woody, where we discussed how adaptation has caused the features of birds to change over time. Year 6 used their observation skills to draw the birds and label them, identified patterns when experimenting with different shapes of bird beaks, grouped and classified birds based on their individual characteristics and then presented their research to show what beaks were the most efficient when eating different types of food.

Remembrance Day

In November, Year 6 led a very touching Remembrance service. They shared poems, diary entries and letters that they had written and sang songs to pay their respects. The children also painted some beautiful watercolour poppies which are proudly on display.

Rockstar’s Day

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed Rockstar’s Day where they dressed up in their best Rockstar outfits and created their own music festival. The children used lots of different maths knowledge including area and perimeter, multiplication, addition with money and time to make sure that their festival would make a profit and run smoothly. They also enjoyed spending time on TTRS and earned lots of coins!

The Weald and Downland Museum

As part of Year 6’s Anglo-Saxons and Vikings topic, we visited The Weald and Downland Museum and took part in a range of activities. These included, bringing Beowulf to life by dressing up in Anglo-Saxon clothes and armour, making magic potions with a variety of different herbs and learning about day to day life during this time. We also had the chance to look at replicas of different buildings from the Anglo-Saxon period.

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